The backstage web series that brought you the farce-behind-the-farce of LEND ME A TENOR at Actors Co-op Theatre Company and the murder mystery-behind-the-murder mystery of THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD, now brings you the romcom-behind-the-romcom of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE! In this first episode, Selah turns into a producer and Greyson and Paul battle their chemistry on and off the stage, while others fight for their true loves.


Nicholas Acciani
Ivy Beech
Lori Berg
Adam Burch
Rita Cannon
Greyson Chadwick
Emily Combe
Tim Beeckman Davis
Francesca Fromang
Jorie Janeway
Linda Kerns
Christine Krebsbach
Bruce Ladd
James Liebman
Deborah Marlowe
Brandon Parrish
Paul Turbiak
Catherine Urbanek
Selah Victor

Voiceover By:
Deborah Marlowe

Special Appearances by:

Eva Abramian
Jake Anthony
Emily Armstrong
David Atkinson
Greg Baldwin
Gina D’Acciaro
Conor E.K. Dagenfield
Tim Hodgin
Clarke Kohler
Craig McEldowney
Lucas Moore
Michelle Parrish
Jonathan Sims
Lydia Soto
Lauren Thompson
Phil Tyler
Stephen Van Dorn
Peter Allen Vogt
Isaac Wade
Kimi Walker

Music By:
Warren Davis

Costumes By:
Vicki Conrad and Jeffrey Simpson

Original Concept By:
Selah Victor and Gina D’Acciaro

Executive Producer:
Selah Victor

Catherine Urbanek

Directed/Edited By:
Selah Victor

Special Thanks:
Actors Co-op Theatre Company and
First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood